Monday, 18 August 2008

google, the final frontier II

1. ghicit - in ceai sau in cafea? pentru carti de tarot, mergi la Mary.
2. poze transgender - n-am, da' mai cauta matale cu google images
3. august rash - just like june and july RASH... opareala pe romaneste
4. ce-am futut blog - da' ce-am mai futut...
5. fut fuck - da, e o traducere corecta
6. gilda - prezent!
7. just fuck me - un nr. de telefon data viitoare? (nu da, bestie!)
8. mi-a cazut o insigna - esti tru doar daca o iei si o pui la loc.
9. preturi in marrakech - cam mari dar negociabile
10. scandal curat murdar - am scris 2 ani la ei si nu ne-am certat
11. ti-a cazut insigna esti - esti, esti!
12. transgender romania - e un grup de yahoo care se ocupa cu asta, cauta acolo. Succes!
13. what is rofl? - Rolling On the Floor with Laughter.
14. 2. is it enough? is there nothing missing? - I like to think that there's nothing missing. Asa-i, bestie?
[LE]: 15. A intrat mai tarziu, dar nu puteam sa o ratez: do girly girls like tomboys lez - sometimes they do.

Friday, 15 August 2008

those LEZ questions answered

Asta e un fel de auto-leapsa de la Ileanne.

1. do you
yes, we do. from time to time. not always. we also exchange roles.

2. is it enough? is there nothing missing?
yep, it's enough.

3. when/how did you first know that...?
cand am inceput sa ma uit dupa muieri, pe la 5-6 ani cand admiram cu infocare o amica de-a maica-mii care era extraordinar de frumoasa.

4. are you sure?
yeah, baby!

5. before you...., weren't you scared you may never go back to how/what you were before?
ba da, dar mi-am dat seama ca de fapt asa sunt eu si mi-a placut teribil cine sunt eu.

6. would there be anything to go back to?
don't think so... but, hey, never say never!

7. what about children and marriage? are you ready to let these go?
who's letting go what? da, ne putem casatori in unele tari, iar de copii nu se pune problema. se pot face oriunde si oricand.

8. yes but they won't actually be your children....
asa cum exista mame singure pe lumea asta, vor fi ai mei si ai EI.

9. how about wedding costumes? but wouldn't it be...awkward eitherway?
eu am o viziune complet neacceptata despre nunta mea: scrubs (google search it)

10. what do you like in a woman?
waaa... sper ca cititorii acestui post au peste 18 ani... piele fina si calda, buze moi, gemete in timp ce..., atingeri usoare.

11. don't you ever get bored? is there any variation whatsoever?
nu, nu ne plictisim... iar daca ne plictisim iesim la un teatru. desi in ultima vreme teatrul a cam fost pasat.

12. how
do you two.... ?
cu dragoste si daruire.

13. how often do you...? and how much does an average .... last?
as often as we want to (asa-i, bestie?) 2 hours plus.

14. does she make you ....?
sometimes, dar de obicei e mai misto daca nu.

15. how do you know you're in love?
just like everyone else: fluturi in stomac, barbii tremurande, genunchi moi si fluturasi, ingerasi si iepurasi.

16. what attracts you to a woman?
vezi mai sus

17. isn't it hard to find another of those.... how do you call them-girls?
they're all straight untill they're wet (wise men say)... da si nu... declarate, cam greu... bi-curious gramezi... [LE]: a hard woman is good to find. ha ha.

18. how do you label yourself?

19. have you ever know....? has she?
no, I don't know. Could you be more specific?

20. how
do you know a girl is gay?
you don't... sexuality is fluid: whether you're gay, you're straight or you're a bisexual, you just go with the flow.

21. did you ever fancy me?
God, I get that question so often... ermm... do YOU fancy me?

22. if you like this kind of girls could it be that you're actually attracted to boys?
i actually like girly-grrls. the cliterati. the lipstick lesbians.

23. why on earth have you cropped your hair? why didn't you use make up anymore? (you're still a girl, you know)

24. did you ever tell a guy hitting on you that you're not into this, that you're....?

25. what if you fall for a guy? do you think you may ever....?
yeah, what if... i'll just go with the flow.

26. is there any jealousy at all in such a relationship?

27. isn't it easier? the loving, the sex....isn't everything so much simpler?
it's just sex. not simpler nor more complicated. SEX.

28. men are stupid and easy to put up with, isn't living with another woman an unnecessary everyday struggle?
destule generalizari. nu.

29. do you always sleep in the same bed?
not always... sometimes we're not in the same country... (bestie, chiar te-a intrebat cineva asta?)

30. do you cuddle each night?
while in the same bed.

31. how come you've moved in together that quickly?
it's the lesbian urge to merge.

32. isn't it risky living together?
risky? what do you mean?

33. what are you going to do if you break up?
say goodbye. and find a place to live.

34. what will you do when she leaves, eventually?
find the next she.

35. is there (some kind of) competition between you two?
nici macar unde mi-as dori: cine spala prima vasele, cine face prima ceaiul de dimineata, de-astea.

36. does everybody know that you two
like... almost everybody. din partea mea nu stiu bunicii si nici nu intentionez sa afle.

37. do you kiss in public places? do you link hands when you're out?
yep, both.

38. how out are you?
vezi mai sus.

39. how is everybody else looking at you? aren't they bothered?
do I look like I care?

40. who else knows about... you?
vezi mai sus.

41. and when are you going to...? you know you'll have to tell him some day....
That's everybody's decision. I don't encourage it.

That's all, folks!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Blog (useless) things

Furat de la Miruna:

Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real"

You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.

You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!)

Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic

What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays

Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get